Write Engaging Blogs To Capture Readers with These 8 Tips

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Anyone can write a blog post. All you need is good spelling and grammar and a good idea as well as a bit of researching skills. But writing a blog post is a complete waste of time if no one is going to read it.


Writing a great blog post that inspires engagement and generates shares and likes is no simple task. There is a lot that needs to be considered to get people to actually open your blog article and even more that needs to be considered to get that “Wow, I like this” vibe from your audience.


Up next we are going to share a few tips to get readers and especially new readers hooked on your content and to generate greater engagement.


  1. The first sentence is the hook

The hardest part of getting started on a blog is figuring out how to start it. First of all it is hard because your first sentence can determine the vibe of the entire blog but it is especially important to get the first sentence right so you can inspire viewers to read on. Here are some great ideas to start an engaging blog;


  • Ask a question – Questions and especially the right type of question is superb for capturing your reader’s attention.
  • Add a quote – Good quotes are loved by all and it is a great way to start a blog because you implement the main vibe from the start.
  • Statistics – formal facts are always good to emphasize credibility and to make the reader want to find out more.


  1. Don’t add junk

It is a common known fact that longer blogs like 2500 words are much more likely to boost your blog and website ratings with Google but you should never include junk just to fill the word gap. Boring and dull content can affect your credibility and is terrible for engagement.


  1. Short sentences

Short sentences are easier to read, easier to understand and easier to scan by those that don’t like reading as much. It also reduces the chance of grammar errors.


  1. Simple words are often better than inappropriately used ones

You do sound a lot smarter when you use big words but simpler words are often preferred by the public because they are easier to understand. Using a word inappropriately can also make you sound like a complete idiot in which case a simple word would have been much better.


  1. Keep up the good work

One single good blog is not enough to keep readers engage and to fuel click-troughs. You need to show the world that you can produce engaging and captivating content time and again to get more engagement and to inspire subscriptions.


  1. Flavor your blogs

Use different techniques to add flavor to your blogs like pop culture references, quotes or sassy sarcasm.


  1. Be unique even if your idea is common

You can make a very average point or idea sound completely unique and fresh by simply taking the right approach. Switch up the topic and the content for a new and fresh look.


  1. Add a good conclusion

A good conclusion is a great way to end your blog and might just inspire further reads when the viewer wants to see just a bit more of your charming work.


It doesn’t take a mastermind to write a superb blog. With a bit more research, time and effort, you should be able to write a blog that is engaging enough to inspire at least a few likes and to get at least a few subscriptions.

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Write Engaging Blogs To Capture Readers with These 8 Tips

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