Dear Google: Become Compatible with Paypal

Geez it gets really frustrating to try and navigate the internet with my current favorite browser, Google Chrome, but have is ‘crap out’ every time I try to use one of the most trafficked sites in the world: Paypal.

If I could grab a Google employee by the ear and let ’em have it, here’s something somewhat maybe like what I’d say:

Dear Google,

For many years we’ve maintained a symbiotic relationship where I use your tools, and in return, fill the internets with quality content, living up to your ideal of a good clean web. I even started using caching on my websites because that’s what you claim to better, even though it makes me want to shout profanity when I can’t figure out why my website doesn’t update only to have to ‘clean my cache’. I do that for you, Google.

But lately you’re awfully jealous about an old friend of mine, Paypal. I don’t understand why the two of you just can’t get along. I’m also using Google Wallet, but not all vendors accept it, so I still rely heavily on my old friend Paypal for the vast majority of my transactions. But hey, I use Google Wallet for my Android apps, so there’s no need for all this jealousy.

It would go a long way to improve our relationship if you would make just this one little commitment to ‘us’ – make your wonder Google Chrome browser function inside of Paypal the way it’s supposed to. Stop giving me stupid 400 errors that we both know are bogus attempts to make Paypal look bad. You can do it, IE and Firefox have no problem with it, so stop being a brat. 

Until then, however, I will continue SWITCHING TO FIREFOX EVERY DAY just to use Paypal.

Update: Google Chrome has since begun working well with Paypal, several months after publishing this.

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Dear Google: Become Compatible with Paypal

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