Affiliate Tips – Conversion Tracking w/ Pixels in Clickbank

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Here’s how to setup conversion tracking pixels inside Clickbank. I’ll use a ‘dummy’ Clickbank account to show what to do.


Here’s where to go inside your Clickbank account to add conversion tracking pixels:

Then scroll down to the section called ‘Integrated Sales Reporting’ and click the ‘Add Tracking Code’ button.


Clickbank recently made it super easy to add conversion tracking for Facebook Ads. From the dropdown, simply add your FB pixel ID twice. Be sure to set that you’re tracking the sale as an Affiliate, not as the Vendor.


Add your pixel once for the Facebook Pixel: Order Confirmation (Receipt)which will fire in your Facebook account as purchase events. Then add again to the Facebook Pixel: Order Form which will fire as initiate checkout conversions in your Facebook ads account. This gives you the option to optimize for both the Initiate Checkout and the Purchase option. New campaigns will get more hits on the Initiate Checkout conversion than purchase, so it’s a ‘micro’ conversion you can optimize first to get campaigns off to a good start.

If you use a third-party conversion tracking platform such as Voluum then you’ll need to use the General Tracking Pixel: Order Confirmation (Receipt) to add your conversion pixel URL, which is sometimes called a Postback as well.


By adding these tracking codes you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns better using Clickbank.

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Affiliate Tips – Conversion Tracking w/ Pixels in Clickbank

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