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8 SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marketing Campaign

I used to do SEO full-time professionally and I swore it off years ago. That being said, I felt like this post could be helpful to those who are still actively seeing to use it for getting high quality web

Write Engaging Blogs To Capture Readers with These 8 Tips

Anyone can write a blog post. All you need is good spelling and grammar and a good idea as well as a bit of researching skills. But writing a blog post is a complete waste of time if no one

4 Tips to Help You Master PPC Quickly

The predictions for 2018 is that it is going to be a tremendously digitalized in terms of advertising.  Advertising will especially be big on mobile devices and social media sites.  While digitalizing is good for improving sales and boosting your

10 Tips to Boost Email Click-through Rates

There was a time when email marketing was completely ineffective because people found it so difficult to read their emails. But email marketing made a huge comeback in the last five years and is often much more successful than social

10 Best Banner Ad Sizes for Greater Effect

Marketing isn’t cheap and banner posting or advertising is one of the more expensive marketing methods there is especially if you are advertising on a popular website. If you are dishing out a lot of cash to get your company

Affiliate Tips – Conversion Tracking w/ Pixels in Clickbank

Here’s how to setup conversion tracking pixels inside Clickbank. I’ll use a ‘dummy’ Clickbank account to show what to do.   Here’s where to go inside your Clickbank account to add conversion tracking pixels: Then scroll down to the section

Conversion Rate Optimization – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

When you get into marketing and especially digital marketing you will soon see a lot of terms that may be alien to you. Search engine optimization, influencer marketing, marketing channels and platforms, cross media marketing and multichannel marketing are just

What Is PPC Advertising And Why Should You Use It?

Digital advertising is considered to be a lot more effective than physical advertisements mostly because more people love to enjoy their online time as often as they can. But this form of advertising is becoming more expensive with each new

3 Ways To Grow A Supplement Business Online

This is not a bragging post. This is a sample of what’s possible when you understand the 3 ways to grow your supplement business. That positive ROI didn’t all come the first day these people bought… 1) Acquire more customers

7 Tips for Great Scalable Marketing Content

  It takes quite a bit of creativity, skill and experience to create captivating and engaging marketing content out of thin air. Many writers and marketers often endure terrible cases of writers or designers block as they try to create