Media Buyer Tyler Ellison

Call me: +1 (801) 610-1889
1163 East 470 South,
Pleasant Grove, UT 80462
Phone: +1 (801) 610-1889

who I am

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    Full Time Digital Media Buyer.
    I'm only interested in digital advertising for serious businesses & whitelabeling those services for agencies. Don't call me unless you want to talk about that.
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    Committed to Ethical Business Practices.
    Loyalty is a two-way street. If I'm asking for it - that's because I'm offering it. I also won't take on any projects that violate my own moral code.
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    Let Results Talk
    I don't like to toot my own horn, I want clients to judge me on my results and performance.

what they say

Tyler is an extremely smart marketer. They dont get much sharper than him. With a background and diverse knowledge in SEO, PPC, Email, and Social Marketing, Tyler is able to manage multiple businesses online and still lend a hand in the forums. I've known Tyler for about 3 years now and his dedication and work ethic never cease to amaze me.

Ralph Ruckman, CEO Revived Media Mobile

Tyler is very knowledgable in the subject of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. I have attented several of his webcast and walked away impressed, learning more about SEO, and using resources to market my about on the Internet.

Anthony Johnson, Web Rhyno, Inc.

The Quick Run-Down On My Services

Most of the compliments I've received in business have praised my willingness and ability to take initiative and get results in a professional and systematic fashion.

Whether it's doing pay-per-click ads, writing ad copy for landing pages, or managing an agency's client advertising needs - I've always gotten results. I've made my agency partners millions of dollars and helped them serve a lot of their clients. The great thing is that I can manage all the work remotely from my office in Brazil with my team of assistants. Living in South America allows me to offer exceptionally valuable services well below competing market prices.


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